Stick with it!

Your routine will become a habit soon after your start! Having short-term goals will help make exercising part of your regular routine.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Support comes in groups. Try to engage your family and friends in your exercise activities!

Take a hike!

Hitting the trails is a great way to have fun and get exercise. Bring a friend!

Be safe, be seen!

When you go out to walk or run, wear bright, reflective clothing to make sure vehicles can see you. It could save your life!

Switch it up!

Be well-rounded in your fitness. Try different activities such as hiking, running, and team sports. Switching it up can decrease boredom and reduce risk!

One with Nature

Research shows that being outside in parks and gardens is good for your mental health. So get outside! It's good for you.

21 Days 66 Days

Everyone is different, but if you can keep an exercise routine going for two months, it’ll start feeling like a natural part of your routine! Just take it one day at a time.

Make moving fun!

Whether you dance, do a sport, or just walk with friends, make sure you have fun! Moving around can help you feel better, mentally and physically.

Riding in style

Recumbent biking makes physical activity fun AND comfortable! One hour on the bike could burn as much as 1000 calories and helps with heart health.

Out for a walk

Walk the dog to promote your health AND your pup's! Dog walking is an easy way to increases physical activity and adds to a healthy lifestyle.

Think yoga is too slow? Think again!

Yoga can be a gentle exercise to help you recover from injury, or a tough workout to make you stronger. It's up to you and your instructor. There are also many styles of yoga, so give them a try!

Dance is for everyone

If you use a wheelchair, you might have thought dancing was off limits. Not so! Check out Full Radius Dance for some beautiful performances.

Personalize Your Fitness

Set aside some time in your schedule and dedicate exercise and fitness to this time. Your routine has to be able to fit your personal lifestyle.

Enjoy the outdoors!

Don't let bugs keep you inside! Remember to use insect repellent, and talk to your veterinarian about how to keep your animals flea and tick free.

Cool down with a stretch

Just like a warm rubberband stretches easier than a cold one, you are most flexible after moving around. After you work out, make sure to stretch!